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Nabla Designs has operated in the following technological areas in collaboration with the following customers:

- On board railroad electronic equipment
       Albatros-SEPSA   http://www.albatros-sl.es/v2010/index.php/flash/index/en
       Merak  www.merak-hvac.com/en/

- Licence plate recognition (highway and street  surveillance and control)
- Parking management
      Quality Information Systems   http://www.qualitysa.com/index_UK.php

- Nuclear and thermal power stations: instrumentation, simulation, quality control and training
      Tecnatom www.tecnatom.es/en/home

- Automatic handling of cash (bank notes) and other bank documents
      Hart Monetic   www.hartmonetic.com/en/ 

- On board passenger bus electronic equipment
      Indra   www.indracompany.com/en/
      Linesur www.activagest.com/linesur/

- Controller ( PLC ) for medium voltage management
     Ormazabal www.ormazabal.es/en/

- Inteligent video surveillance
     Visual Tools www.visual-tools.com/en

- General purpose electronics for defense
      Ministry of Defence ( Department of Defense) of Spain