About us

Nabla Designs was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of software development and hardware-oriented embedded processors and embedded PC market. Our company business goal is to complement the R & D of our customers. We have operated in several tecnological areas with different Customers

We offer the following services:

Consulting:  Nabla offers its customers its expertise in areas such as the design of embedded systems based on microcontrollers or FPGAs, real-time operating systems, communication protocols, image processing and so on.

Software and Hardware Development: 
In collaboration with the R & D of our customers Nabla can implement or assist the customer to implement some or all phases of project development: definition of specifications, hardware and FPGA development,  software design including the adaptation of booters / BIOS, operating systems,  development of software device drivers, application software, test protocols and so on.

Manufacturing: Our Company has a department dedicated to manufacturing management that allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive service that includes the entire manufacturing process from the procurement of components, PCB fabrication, hand and automated board assembly,  etc.   to manufacturing test.

We offer the following products: Products & manuals